Under the stars, making of
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Under the stars, making of

Under the stars, making of

I’ve noticed that I need a very calm mind to paint. But these days, my mind is very agitated, thus the creation process is painful. It’s like trying to be aware of the silence while listening to the radio.

Somehow, I manage to create this inner agitation on the outer. Take two children and two young cats while painting on the floor and the fun begins. Now I have a black cat with a green pawl and painted pawls all over the desk.

Anyway, this is the picture I got inspiration from. It was taken in 2007 in Switzerland.


The background is made with the airbrush, using Ecoline and inks. I struggled for the clouds, because of the paper I used. Painting wasn’t an option, pencils neither. So I used inks. A toothbrush does wonder for a starry sky!

It would have been fun to have clouds like this for real! And fairies! Oh, and a spaceship.