Old friend – making of
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Old friend – making of

Old friend – making of

It was a very cold day, without colors and shades. The sky was as white as the snow, in french we call this a “jour blanc”, which means “white day”. It not appreciated by skiiers, because we don’t see the bumps.

On winter days like this one, trees are magnificants, because that’s the only shapes that are visible within the white sea. That particular tree caught my attention, because it’s tall and the branches have all these twist and turn. It is growing far from habitations, so no one bother to cut branches.

P1000806 Panorama

I took about ten pictures and assembled them, so I could have as much details as possible.

The drawing process was in many steps. Watercolor was the first media to be applied, but after a few hours, I wasn’t having fun anymore. So I stopped painting. That’s something I do often in life, when there is no more joy in the doing, I stop what I’m doing. I believe this is not what we do that matters, but whether we have fun or not doing it.

I came back to the painting two months later, after having found my old aerograph and compressor, which I bought in 1994. Much to my amazement, the compressor is still working!

Immediately, I wanted a color background and draw the branches with ink and pen. As you can see with the two pictures, I didn’t really copied the tree. It was like a source of inspiration.